Our company sector as industrial cooling systems, we have been carrying out our activities in 1994 according to the developing sector. Gel cooling systems are among the ice machines we are leading in the industry.

Slurry ice Machines we offer other services we offer you ice machines leaf ice machines cold storage warehouses with our experienced masters and teams we offer a guaranteed service.

Slurry ice Machines For Price – 0533 644 69 43

Gel Ice Machine
Slurry ice Machines

The Slurry ice Machines we produce in our company can produce approximately 2 tons of gel ice and 8 tons of cold water. This system can be increased even more thanks to the components available in our machine. As net industrial refrigeration systems, we continue to be the industry leader in gel ice machine manufacturing. Our machine also provides technical service in 7/24 points of any technical failure or hitch.

Slurry ice Machines – 0533 644 69 43

Slurry ice Machines systems that we produce in order to keep the fish kept in the fishing boats serving in our country fresh and intact, we offer you with unique quality and reasonable price advantages in the sector.

Slurry ice Machines Specs:

  • The fluid is ice and has a liquid structure.
  • Gel ice Provides fast cooling for fish and other products as it is obtained with salt water. It penetrates to the most internal part of the product and ensures that the product stays longer.
  • It provides fast shaking of fish and prolongs shelf life. This enables the product to be sold at value.
  • By increasing the salt ratio when desired, the degree of gel ice is increased up to – 25C and also IQF.

Net Soğutma cooling systems as gel ice machine Machines Slurry ice we offer you the advantages of our email. If you want to get more detailed information about Slurry ice Machines, please contact us via e-mail and e-mail.

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